Cedric Liqueur Brings The Middle of King Lear to the Wertheim Performing Arts Center


king learFIU Theatre, in collaboration with the Department of English, is pleased to present The Middle of King Lear by independent actor and playwright, Cedric Liqueur on Monday, November 24 at 2:00PM in The Herbert and Nicole Wertheim Performing Arts Center | Black Box Theatre. The Middle of King Lear is a fifty-five minute condensed variation on Shakespeare’s play-script, with the main focus being the oncoming madness of the legendary King–and the audience sitting and standing in the same light as Shakespeare’s most complex major character.

Mr. Liqueur is in his eighteenth year as a solo performance actor and playwright. He spent two years as an apprentice at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre Company, which led to many future roles in Shakespeare productions. He began writing and producing historical biographies in 1997. To date, he has written and produced twenty one shows, with The Middle of King Lear being one of his most recent. We are honored to have him visit our university and meet with the faculty and students.

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