Alternative Theatre Festival Closes With Alumni Reunion and Complementary Cocktail Reception Opening Night


After a successful run of 7 weeks this year’s Alternative Theatre Festival closes with an alumni reunion of Glengarry Glen Ross this Thursday through Saturday, August 8-10.

Here’s a recap of this summer’s ATF 2013:
(* – indicates Alumni, ^ – indicates current FIU Theatre student)

June 20-22: Alumni Showcase

Thursday, June 20 – Staged reading of The Education of Jeff Rodriguez
Directed by Israel Garcia.
Cast: David Neale^ – Jeff, Wayne E. Robinson, Jr. – Harris, Ivan R. Lopez* – Sam, Melissa Alamguer* – Amanda, Anthony Mediavilla^ – Dark Figure, Alyssa Alayeto – Narrator of stage directions.

Friday, June 21 – SCRIPT? WHAT SCRIPT? An Evening of Long Form Improvisation Comedy
Directed by Osvaldo Quintana*. Featuring Impromedy members.
Impromedy Players: Rey Bode*, Peter Mir*, Gilbert Pailn*, Nicole Quintana*, Charles Sothers*.
Brave non-member volunteers: Israel Garcia*, Mabel Mir*, Juan Espinosa*, Dawn Plummer*, Fabian Cardenas*, Anthony Mediavilla^, Allysa Alayeto^.

Saturday, June 22 – GET YOUR SHORTS ON! An Evening of Original Shorts
A shorts program including plays and short films.

Coladita (A short film) by Fabian Cardenas

Hipsters Hopped the L Train by Ivan R. Lopez
Directed by Melissa Almaguer*
Cast: CAPOTE – Erik Rodriguez^, BUDDHA – Ivan R. Lopez*, CASSANDRA – Melissa Almaguer*.

Logan’s Bill by Rey Dabalsa
Directed by Rey Dabalsa
Cast: VINNY – Anthony Mediavilla^, LOGAN – Sam Umoh.

Healthcare (A short film) by Fabian Cardenas

Waiting for Now  by Ivan R. Lopez*
Directed by Melissa Almaguer* and Ivan Lopez*
Cast: JEREMY – Ivan R. Lopez*, MICHELLE – Melissa Almaguer*.

What If’s Revealed by Israel Garcia
Directed by Fabian Cardenas*
Cast: KARLA – Dawn Plummer*, CARLOS – Rey Dabalsa*.

Peeve (A short film) by Fabian Cardenas*

Dreaming on the Hudson  by Ivan R. Lopez*
Directed by Ivan R. Lopez*
Cast: LACEY – Melissa Almaguer*, HENRY HUDSON – Randy Garcia, THING 1- Erik Rodriguez^, THING 2 – Nicole Quintana*

Urges by Rey Dabalsa*
Directed by Rey Dabalsa*
Cast: HIM – Juan Espinosa*, HER – Mabel Mir*.

Scenes from In The Driver’s Seat by Israel Garcia
Directed by Israel Garcia and Veronica Salgueiro, with assistance from Kevin Triana
Cast: DAD – Joshua Martel, MARIA – Veronica Salgueiro.

Paradise De La Nada
Based on Zoe Valdes’s La Nada Cotidiana
Performed by Francesca Toledo*, Music by Matthew Garcia.

June 27-29 & July 4-6: BACHELORETTE
By Leslye Headland, Directed by Stephanie Sandoval
Cast: Gena – Juanita Olivo^, Katie – Nicole Fernandez*, Regan – Lauren Kistner^, Jeff – Michael Engleman^, Joe – Danny Blanco^, Becky – Janelys Santorini^.

Bachelorette at Alternative Theatre Festival 2013 | June 27-29 & July 4-6 | Did you Save the Date?

July 11-13 & 18-20: REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY
By Charles Ludlum, Directed by Marina Pareja.
Cast: Leonard Silver – Danny Leonard^, Karen Gold – Andrea Bovino*, Eleanor: Chachi Colon^, Freddie – Luis Etorre^.

Reverse Psychology Alternative Theatre Festival 2013 July 11-13 & 18-20 WPAC Black Box

July 25-27 & August 1-3:  A THOUSAND YEARSA new play by Kenny Finkle, Directed by Michael Yawney.
Cast: Miriam – Michelle L. Antelo*, Ensemble: Peter Mir*, Patrick Rodriguez^, Francesca Toledo*.

A THOUSAND YEARS at FIU Theatre's Alternative Theatre Festival 2013 - A new play by Kenny Finkle, directed by Michael Yawney

A THOUSAND YEARS at FIU Theatre's Alternative Theatre Festival 2013 - A new play by Kenny Finkle, directed by Michael Yawney

A THOUSAND YEARS at FIU Theatre's Alternative Theatre Festival 2013 - A new play by Kenny Finkle, directed by Michael Yawney

On July 25th FIU Theatre asked patrons to “Get In Bed With The Arts” by hosting the WLRN South Florida Theatre League Summer Theatre Fest’s bed. Read more about that event here.

August 8-10: Glengarry Glen Ross
By David Mamet, Directed by Wayne E. Robinson, Jr.
Don’t miss this Alumni reunion – the entire 2002 cast is retuning to reprise their roles!

Cast: BLAKE – Gustavo David Ortiz*, SHELLEY LEVINE – Ricky Waugh*, JOHN WILLIAMSON – Ivan Lopez*, DAVID MOSS – Danny Suarez*, GEORGE AARONOW – Meshaun Arnold*, RICHARD ROMA – Joe Llorens*, JAMES LINGK – Ramon Vuenes*, BAYLEN – Daniel Gutierrez*.

Stay tuned for a post with bios about all the returning alumni.

Glengarry Glen Ross 2002 Alumi Reunion at FIU Theatre's Alternative Theatre Festival - Aug 8-9 2013

August 8, 2013 – Complementary opening night reception for Glengarry Glen Ross
in the WPAC Rotunda, 6-8PM, sponsored by the Alumni Association
with donations from Canton Chinese Restaurant and Pei Wei Asian Diner.

Big thanks goes out to our entire ATF 2013 production crew, you all deserve a round of applause!

OFFICE MANAGER – Marianna Murray
SOUND ENGINEER – Paul Steinsland

ADDITIONAL PRODUCTION STAFF:  Monica Abreu, Rachel Capote, Katiana Davila, Ephraim Luc Etienne, Caitlyn Lincoln, Gabriella (Gaby) Lopez, Shelley Miller, Nakeyta Moore, Erica Ramos, Sofia Sassone.

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