In April, 2016 William Finnegan was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for his memoir Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life. For the rest of Bill’s life, whenever he is introduced or his name appears in print, he will be known as “Pulitzer Prize recipient William Finnegan.”

Finnegan has been a surfer since growing up in California and Hawaii. He was also an enthusiastic writer and reader from an early age. He became a New Yorker magazine writer in 1987. In August, 1992 The New Yorker published Finnegan’s masterpiece article on surfing titled Playing Doc’s Games, which most surfers agree is the best surfing article ever written.

New Yorker Senior Editor John Bennet has written, “. . . the breadth of his [Finnegan’s] reporting speaks for itself. He has covered internal strife in Somalia and the drug wars in Mexico (where journalism is anything but a safe profession). He reported on the 2004 Senate campaign of an obscure state senator, Barack Obama, in Illinois, and on the anti-immigration schemes of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, in Arizona. He has profiled a hotel magnate based in Manhattan who safeguards endangered tortoises from poachers in Madagascar, and written about a woman from Moldova who rescues victims of sex-trade trafficking around the world.

Inspicio recorded a video interview with Finnegan at the 2015 Miami Book Fair, when receiving a Pulitzer Prize wasn’t even on the discussion list.

The interview can be viewed on the Inspicio website or in the Inspicio e-Magazine for iPads and iPhones (get the App in the App Store).

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