Executive Director of MBUS, John Stuart, Attended 3D Printing Conference in Washington, D.C.


Written by Erenia Lemus-vazquez

Florida International University (FIU) is no stranger to 3D printing and innovation, where many projects have gained national attention. At this year’s 3D Central Convention, the nation’s preeminent 3D printing policy event, John Stuart, Executive Director of FIU Miami Beach Urban Studios (MBUS) and Associate Dean of the College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts  presented on a panel titled “3D Printing and the Future of Education.”

The conference, hosted by Public Knowledge in Washington D.C, reflected the gradual shift towards the 3D printing era in education. A diverse group of individuals specializing in governmental affairs, dentistry and medicine joined Stuart, to highlight their most recent projects and research in 3D printing. Stuart presented the idea of 3D printed, custom violins as a teaching tool in hopes that students begin to understand the process of the innovation. This initiative was conceptualized by Miami Beach Urban Studios (MBUS) which has already begun to “merge” music and 3D printing to cater to musical students at elementary levels.

This tool, crafted at the CARTA Innovation lab, is proportionate to the body of the player to achieve more comfort when learning. This project is a way to “encourage and motivate musical students,” says Stuart.  The innovation lab is a one of a kind makerspace where arts, technology, and design come together. At the MBUS CARTA Innovation Lab, brilliance is constantly brewing!

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