Career and Life Design Master Class Launches at CARTA


The Global Strategic Communications Creative Track program launched a Master Class multi-disciplinary initiative that aims to provide CARTA students with the knowledge, skills and tools needed to apply toward the successful completion of their degrees and fruitful job search after graduation. The initiative aims to reach across all CARTA’s disciplines, which include Communications, Architecture, Theater, Music and the Arts.

“One thing I have found with all of our students, regardless of their discipline, is the anxiety they feel about their future and what opportunities are out there for them,” said Grizelle De Los Reyes, Senior Instructor and Program Director. “One way to offset anxiety about future prospects is present action and that is what the Master Class series and other events we are planning are geared to do.”

This multi-disciplinary initiative is designed to give students ideas of career paths and capitalize on the aspects that tie all of CARTA’s students together: creativity, innovation and storytelling. All CARTA students are invited to take advantage of the next Master Class, a two-part series tackling the subject of career and life planning. The first session will take place on Saturday, March 23 from 10 am to 1 pm, and will give an overview of how to set goals for a productive career and fulfilling life. The second session will happen on Saturday April 6 and will be limited to 50 students. It will be a hands-on workshop working with students on their specific career goals moderated by Rosa Walsh, The Handel Group’s VP of Career Coaching. Their method is taught as a course at Stanford, Harvard and MIT and major Fortune 500 companies, as they develop leaders for top management positions. We will also be awarding additional coaching hours to students attending the second session and more details on how to apply will be forthcoming.

These events follow the series kickoff earlier this semester. The first event was a Master Class on Innovation taught by Marlon Quintero, author of the textbook Innovation in Media Content Creation, and adjunct in the department of Communication. The event also included a conversation with Dr. John Stuart, Architecture Professor and Director of Miami Beach Urban Studios, and Carlos Fueyo FIU Architecture graduate. The panel gave a comprehensive review of innovation driven by writing, production, set design, aesthetics, special effects, technology, business models, and non-traditional players. Fueyo explained to attendees how his FIU Architecture degree and love for film making came together in order to work on special effects, sets and other film technical aspects on Hollywood blockbusters such as Independence Day and The Avengers.

“We encourage all CARTA students, faculty and staff to come. We want to grow leaders from within in all the industries we represent and as our graduates become superstars in their fields, our programs’ prestige grows and their degrees more valuable as a result”, De Los Reyes concluded.

You can register to the “Designing your Life, Designing your Career” Master Class here and seating is limited.  For more information on the events or the Global Strategic Communications Creative Track program, please contact Grizelle De Los Reyes at or Albena Petrus at


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