School of Music Faculty, Alum, and Students Present at 2021 Virtual FMEA Conference and All-State Experience


Congratulations to our School of Music faculty, alumni, and students for being chosen again to present at the annual Florida Music Educators Association (FMEA) Professional Development Conference.  The conference takes place every January and is one of the largest music education professional development events in the United States, hosting masterclasses, clinic sessions, and All-State ensemble performances conducted by world-class conductors and teachers.

For the last five years, the Music Education Program at FIU has had 100% job employment placement after graduation.



Dr. Sandra Adorno, Assistant Professor of Music Education

Dr. Candice Davenport Mattio, Assistant Professor of Music Education

From Tech To Tactile (And Vice Versa): Creativity In The Orff Classroom (On-Demand Session)

Technology can provide a plethora of possibilities for authentic musical exploration, learning, and creativity. When used with purposeful intent, technology can enhance and extend tactile music experiences in the classroom. Conversely, technology can provide an exploratory foundation from which tactile experiences can spring forth. In keeping with the spirit of Orff Schulwerk, this presentation will discuss how technology and classroom experiences can complement one another during the creative music making process and provide strategies for utilizing parameters in physical and digital improvisation and composition activities. PLEASE NOTE: at 7:00 in the video for about 30 seconds the audio has been muted due to a copyright claim. The song removed was “Norwegian Wood” by the Beatles.


Accessible Success: Supporting Collegiate Music Education Students with Special Needs
Live Panel Session, Friday 1/15/20, 7:00pm
With: Drs. Vimari Colón-León (Bridgewater College), Stephen Zdzinski (Univeristy of Miami), Alice-Ann Darrow (Florida State University), and Sheerin Berte (University of Miami)

University music students with special needs face unique challenges as systems place the onus of seeking support resources on the students themselves. Inherently at higher risk of stress, failure, and dropout, music education students with special needs face compounded issues with little guidance. This discussion panel seeks to explore faculty experiences with creating inclusive and supportive spaces for special needs music education students. Topics will include: entrance interviews, field experiences and internships, creating awareness, advising, grappling with uninformed faculty, collaborating with campus resources, and the perspective of a current music education doctoral student and future faculty member with special needs.


Dr. Candice Davenport Mattio: Assistant Professor of Music Education

Crossover Festival and Digital Music Showcase

Concert and Q&A, Thursday, 1/14/20, 8:00pm

Co-Member of Contemporary Media Committee (Sponsor)

 The FMEA Crossover Festival is an annual event that celebrates students as makers of music from popular music genres such as rock, alternative, blues, pop, R&B, hip hop, funk, folk, indie rock, electronic dance music, country, rap, punk, soul, metal, Southern rock, Latin, new age, reggae, etc. The Digital Showcase is designed to encourage musical creativity, critical thinking and collaboration by students in k-12 schools. Students are welcomed to submit their original compositions for the opportunity to have them presented at the Annual FMEA Professional Development Conference in January.


All-State Popular Music Collective

Concert and Q&A, Friday, 1/15/20, 8:00pm

Co-Member of Contemporary Media Committee (Co-Host and Sponsor)

The FMEA Contemporary Media Committee is excited to announce a new FMEA All-State group that is part of the 2021 Professional Development Conference. The Florida All-State Popular Music Collective could well be the first state-level All-State group of its kind. The Collective focused on original music created by the students, through completely virtual collaboration, and using a learner-centered pedagogical approach where the students had significant autonomy over the choice of literature performed.


Dr. Jacob Berglin: Assistant Professor of Music Education

Rethinking Choir Through Contemporary A Cappella Technology (On-Demand Session)

 While the “traditional” choral model of large-scale performance with one director choosing repertoire and leading rehearsal is well-loved and important in many ways, it is sometimes inefficient in times of crisis, and generally poorly suited for skills such as composition/arranging and overall musical independence. In this session, we will examine how using technology and a contemporary a cappella modailty can assist directors in being more flexible, and fostering important skills in their singers. Through a participatory model, this session will combine practical information with opportunities for attendees to explore technologies and techniques on their own devices. Attendees should leave the session with immediate, actionable skills that will allow for more creativity and independence (and fun!) in their transforming ensembles.


Barry Bernhardt: Associate Teaching Professor of Wind, Percussion, Brass

Why Should I Do Band in College? Opportunities for Band Students beyond High School (Group D)
Live Panel Session, Saturday, 1/30/20, 12:00pm
With: David Schreier (University Central Florida), and Drs. Kyle Prescott (Florida Atlantic University) and Marc Decker (Florida Atlantic University)

Students selected for the High School All-State Bands won’t want to miss this discussion led by a panel of Band Directors and Admission Officers representing several Florida colleges and universities. The goal is to provide information about the variety of opportunities for band students beyond high school, from campus bands to majoring in music, and strategies for admission and auditions. This session is sponsored by the College Band Directors National Association. Students assigned to this session are the 11/12/Orch Flutes, 11/12 Clarinets, all Saxophones, 9/10/HB Trombones, and Jazz Bass.



 Vivian Gonzalez, M.S. ‘04:

Accommodations! Using Your Creativity to Include All Learners (On-Demand Session)

In this session, participants will learn how to get creative with regular classroom items to create appropriate accommodations to help their special learners access their lessons. A general overview of federal laws, Universal Design, and common teacher concerns will also be addressed.


Outreach, Mentoring, Recruitment, And More! (On-Demand Session)

Miami Arts Studio 6-12 @ Zelda Glazer is a Title 1 Magnet Arts School that has no direct feeder program. To reach our community, provide our current students with community service and vocational skills, and to encourage our high school students to consider music education in college, we created MAS Orchestra Outreach, a free Saturday program where elementary students are paired with trained high school mentors. Learn about how our program is funded, how it works, and how you can replicate it in your community!


Joshua Argueta, B.M. ’17:

Implementing Music Technology In Upper Elementary Grades (On-Demand Session)
With: Victor Rubio (University of Miami)

Do you want to implement music technology emphasizing popular music? By blending general music approaches students can gain ownership of the procedures necessary to create their music. What if conditions are not ideal (e.g., not enough equipment)? We will show how to utilize limited resources so students receive adequate time on task. Adapting the same lesson plan for different students’ achievement levels can be difficult. We can help you craft and simplify music tech objectives for that purpose. We will also explain how to change pace across the music tech curriculum, taking advantage of other general music activities that can be blended with technology. Developing students’ attitudes, opinions, perspectives, and interests can facilitate their learning. We will show affective objectives and the activities necessary to achieve them. Finally, we will demonstrate the use of evaluation instruments using NAfME’s music technology standards for assessment and refinement of your curriculum.


Alicia Romero-Sardiñas, B.S. ‘06:

The Missing Faces In Music Education
Live Session, Saturday, 1/16/20, 9:00am

with David Cruz (University of Illinois)

 Research findings suggest that there is an underrepresentation of minority students in the music education classrooms. There are numerous factors that we can consider contribute to this imbalance as well as hidden biases we may hold when teaching. The music world outside of “school music” has more diverse artists with whom students may identify. The challenge for music teachers is how to merge the students’ music with school music and create a vessel of expression and authenticity to represent our diverse student and communities’ backgrounds. As a result of this session, you will discover how your own students can serve as a guide and play an active role in the learning process.


Erich Rivero, B.S. ’96:

FBA Master Class: Trumpets (Middle School Ensembles)
Live Session, Saturday, 1/23/20, 11:00am

Master Class for FBA All-State Trumpet Players in the 7/8 and MS Honor Band.



Jennifer Jimenez, Current Graduate in the Music Education Program

FL NAfME Collegiate – Budgeting Without A Budget: How To Reallocate Your Resources And Gain Support For A Successful Year
Live Session, Saturday, 1/16/20, 10:00am
with Margaret Flood (Florida Southern College)

This session recommends ways to access and reallocate resources without having to spend money. Resources include, but are not limited to, sheet music, instruments and equipment, uniforms, marching band, and color guard, etc. Discussion will include ways teachers can collaborate with their district colleagues to pool and share materials. It will also encourage teachers to reach out to community members for support through donations and community partnerships. Sample materials such as letters soliciting donations from community businesses, applying for small grants, and applications and spreadsheets for tracking inventory will be provided.


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