New Box Office!



After months of looking at ways to improve the usability of their box office, FIU’s School of Music and the Theater Department have finally acquired Vendini. This is the largest cloud-based ticketing software in the country, and is fully comprehensive complete with all the proverbial bells and whistles.

Sammy Garcia, the Events Manager of the Herbert and Nicole Wertheim Performing Arts Center, explains “The software will increase our interactions on a more personal level with our guests, while implementing the philosophy of valued customer service. We are truly excited to bring Vendini on board!”

So, how does the new Box Office benefit you?

1. No Login Account Required To Buy

2. Easy to View Concert Information: the software offers a calendar view and list view screen of its events. A quick view of the event is featured after being scrolled over to see if you are interested.

3. Patrons Can Choose Their Seats: seat availability is updated in a split-second for anyone looking at the venue map,  so if a seat is showing as available, and you click it, you can be guaranteed it’s yours. Patrons reserve their spot by clicking on any seat that is green. Real-time feedback makes selecting seats enjoyable and stress-free. Users have an option to have their name listed on chosen seats, so friends can sit next to one another.

4. Print at Home Tickets: patrons have the option of picking up tickets at will call, having them shipped, or they can print them at home.

5. At Ease with Social Media: a ticketing app, located on the School of Music’s Facebook page, allows patrons to buy directly off of Facebook. After buying a ticket, you can send your friends a “buy tickets” link, which lets them know where you are sitting, so that friends or groups of people can sit together. Since Vendini is linked through social media, they are able to respond to questions or concerns in a timely manner, allowing for increased customer service.

6. Purchase tickets on your phone with Walletini: this is a free app now available for iOS and Android that will act as your virtual wallet, keeping track and managing your tickets to productions and concerts from your smartphone. The convenience and solution Walletini provides is unmatched in the ticketing industry. Fans can now buy, store, and transfer any entertainment tickets via their smartphones. This app also makes it easy to get paid back from friends as it allows you to request and receive money right from your mobile device. It also eliminates the hassle of keeping track of paper tickets as users are able to simply show up at an event and have their tickets scanned at the door from their phones.

7. Faster Customer Service: the box office is able to print thermal tickets, e-tickets, receipts, and confirmations; scan tickets in (and out) at the door; and run refunds and exchanges on the spot; hold seats, and resolve issues quickly.

Check out our new box office at and see just how easy it is to buy a ticket!

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