Miami Beach Urban Studios Researcher Records New Music in Spain


Miami Beach Urban Studios Composer in Residence, Orlando Jacinto Garcia, is adding a new flare to contemporary music. While on his recent visit to Carranque, Spain, Garcia recorded his new album alongside the Malaga Philharmonic.

The Cuban-born composer and 2009 Latin Grammy nominee is no stranger to the contemporary music seen. Garcia’s collaboration with the Malaga Philharmonic is a combination of innovation and team chemistry. The two teams have worked together in the past making this collaboration more nostalgic than ever.

Garcia, Founder and Director of the New Music Miami Festival, which is in its 24th year, now features artist from all over the world. Even though contemporary music is still fairly new, Garcia explains that there is room for growth and acceptance in the contemporary music realm. “It is a process,” says Garcia, when explaining the slow and gradual education and integration of contemporary music. By introducing bits of traditional styles of classical music and integrating contemporary music, listeners are able to accept the sounds more. Garcia is leaving it all to perception for his listeners.

Make sure to check out the New Music Miami Festival website for more events and information!

To read more about Orlando Garcia and the Malaga Philharmonic’s project please click the two articles below published on the Malaga Press:

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