FIU Music’s Virtual Choir Sings Alma Mater at Commencement


Celebrating graduation is more important than ever, bringing us together to celebrate student achievement with time-honored traditions including the performance of the Alma Mater.

This May 8, over 6,000 graduates who were invited to FIU’s Virtual Commencement were able to see their Alma Mater performed by the FIU School of Music Virtual Choir.

The choral ensemble was made up of students from the choirs and voice faculty who expressed interest in the project. They were provided with the Alma Mater sheet music and a video file containing an audible click track and pitches while receiving guidance from conductor Maria Guinand, faculty, and staff.

Singers recorded and uploaded their videos from their homes which were then synchronized and combined into one single performance to create the virtual choir.

Since FIU moved to remote learning, the School found creative ways to teach, collaborate, arrange, and record music remotely using audiovisual technology.

So let’s sing, Panthers! We “hail to Alma Mater, Alma Mater be our guide!”



We pledge to thee dear FIU, with voices loud and true. 

Alma Mater falter never, shine forever Gold and Blue.

We fly our banners high, ev’ry culture we embrace.

All our love and Panther spirit, young and old we make this place.

We hail together FIU, ev’ry scholar side-by-side.

And we hail to Alma Mater, Alma Mater be our guide!


Belinda Kaitlynne Gunn, 2012


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