FIU Indoor Winds Win Gold At WGI 2015 World Championships


The FIU Indoor Winds placed first in the Independent Category at the Winter Guard International (WGI) 2015 Winds World Championships in April.

The ensemble is an auxillary program of the FIU Marching Band, whose members compete locally under the South Florida Winterguard Association and nationally under WinterGuard International. Its members are primarily composed of FIU students, but also include students aged 18-22 within the community.

Using sketches of Beethoven’s 10th Symphony in combination with his other symphonic and chamber works, the FIU Indoor Winds explored Beethoven’s struggle in trying to create his next symphonic masterpiece in their winning program, “The Curse of the 9th.” Beethoven’s 9th Symphony broke the mold by doubling and tripling sections of the orchestra and adding a choir and vocal soloists, extremely innovative ideas at the time. After creating such a powerhouse piece and watching an audience stand and applaud several times during its performance in 1824, Ludwig stood and accepted the love from the audience, but knew he wasn’t done. He continued writing chamber and solo works but could not ignore the alluring calls of his next symphony.


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