MBUS LEADS program welcomes new members


The MBUS Leadership Engagement and Development Students program welcomed a new student this year to work with Deborah Briggs, vice president for marketing, philanthropy and programs at The Betsy South Beach hotel.

Jaury “Jay” Jean-Enard who graduated with a master’s degree in Global Strategic Communication in 2016, was selected to access special professional experiences, leadership opportunities, as well as prospects for social, professional and community engagement revolving around Miami Beach and members of the MBUS Lab.

Briggs was paired with Jean-Enard to serve as mentor, providing professional experiences like publicizing events.

“Deborah and I share many things in common, one of which is our interests in bridging communities through the arts and through collaboration,” said Jean-Enard.

Briggs is a social entrepreneur with more than 30 years of experience bridging profit and non-profit business. The hotel’s philanthropic interests include education, medical research, non-profit sustainability, the arts, culture and African Relief.

Working with Briggs is an exciting step for Jean-Enard who is a Market Research Analyst for the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau and the Creative Director of the African Wardrobe Festival that is held annually in Fort Lauderdale.

He aspires to practice law in Haiti where he grew up. While completing his master’s at the university, Jean-Enard held an internship with the Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti working on cases related to the country’s most recent elections and the United Nations-Cholera case.

“I am so thrilled and humbled to have been selected for the 2017 MBUS LEADS program. The program paired me with someone who I believe is perfect fit given Briggs’ extensive background in the arts and in the community,” Jean-Enard said.

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