Roberto Rovira’s Perspective of the Natural World


Written By: Melissa Cancio

FIU Miami Beach Urban Studios’ very own, Roberto Rovira, spoke in a TEDxtalk about the connection of data, design and technology through his latest project, The Ecological Atlas.

Roberto said, “for the last decade, I’ve been working on The Ecological Atlas, which is a visualization model tool that tries to understand the patterns, seasons and logic of the natural world—a tool that tries to bring together this formidable combination of art, science and technology together to help us understand what’s around us.” Individuals can now learn through Professor Rovira’s work, how seasons change, natural growth occurs, and understand through a clear and visual diagrams, more about hundreds of all plants, animals and food transitions throughout the year in Florida.

Receiving an Honor Award from the National American Society of Landscape Architects was a prestigious distinction. But Rovira did not just win one award!  He was also recognized byFast Company,  which “is focused on social good, seeking to elevate finished products and brave concepts that make the world better.” Fast Company awarded Professor Rovira’s project an award because his Atlas celebrates “ingenuity and foster[s] innovation.”

Roberto Rovira is an Associate Professor and former Chair of Landscape Architecture, Environmental and Urban Design at Florida International University (FIU). Professor Rovira says, “my professional arc has taken me from engineering to landscape architecture. It has allowed me to design and build places like this.” Rovira constructed a space that was once in Deuxieme Maison “where art and environment come together, and nature’s given a place that allows for us to transform where we work and come together to make it feel much more complete. It respects or brings in the irrepressible qualities of our natural world.”

Apart from his accomplishments with his Ecological Atlas, Rovira was recently granted the 2018 Award of Merit on behalf of the Florida Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects. This prestigious award will be presented to him on July 27, 2018. Thank you, Roberto, for representing FIU and MBUS in the best way possible.


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