E-commerce and The Future of Education


The Future of Technology with FIU MBUS & GOJA

E-commerce and the New Generation

Written By: Melissa Cancio


In a recent project with both organizations, Walter Gonzalez Jr., Founder and President of GOJA says, “Today, a student with a good idea and an Amazon account can have a company and be an entrepreneur.” A partnership with FIU Miami Beach Urban Studios (MBUS) and GOJA has created a milestone in the future of technology today.


Both Walter and John Stuart, Executive Director of FIU Miami Beach Urban Studios, have taught the fundamentals and given students endless of opportunities. In this course, students learned how to design a product, create a brand, develop visual and written tools to promote their products. They were able to research all aspects of creating and marketing their product, as well as understanding thoroughly how Amazon’s regulations, rules and fees work.


FIU MBUS has the largest amount of 3D printers in the arts and design district across America and GOJA, one of the world’s largest Amazon sellers, challenges students in product design, content development, and ecommerce business for the real world. John says that “we are creating an eco-system of learning that would be adaptable to the future of higher education in America.”


For more details, follow our video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MbSdi-iWns&feature=youtu.be.

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