A Futuristic Approach to One Hundred Years of Solitude


Written By: Melissa Cancio

Do you remember those old tales our grandparents would tell us about to learn about their culture? Have you heard of One Hundred Years of Solitude written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez? This is a story about past generations of the Buendía family in an imaginary placed called Macondo in Colombia. The family leaves in hopes of finding a better life. With Miami’s culture of immigrants and those in search for the American Dream, our city is the perfect location to showcase Mr. Ospina’s new art-print copy of Garcia Marquez’s classic book.

For 22 years, Pedro says that he “celebrated his late countryman by recreating the book’s powerful currents of magical realism, myth, love and loss in hundreds of colorful etchings.” FIU Miami Beach Urban Studios connected with him to create the first exhibition celebrating Ospina’s vision of this story. When asked why he dedicated so many years to project, Mr. Ospina replied that “One Hundred Years of Solitudeis a novel that interprets all human feelings.”  He also mentioned “that the human spirit captivated me since my adolescence, when I found glimpses of my own emotions in [the novel].”

Having been fond of Gabriel García Marquez’s original novel for the longest time, Mr. Ospina wanted to display it for others to visualize.  He worked to perfect a traditional etching technique to the point where he is considered by some to be one of finest craftsmen in the artistic field working anywhere today.  Mr. Ospina created a video that explains the printing process.  The video can be found on his website – http://pedrovillalbaospina.com.

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