Vanessa Alvarado (MLA ’15) to Present on “Urban Extension” at FIU GIS Day, Nov 7

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LAEUD student Vanessa Alvarado will participate as one of eleven speakers on FIU’s GIS Day (Geographic Information Systems Day) on Friday, November 7th.

Alvarado’s presentation, classified under the “Conceptual” category, is titled “Urban Extension: Adapting to density through sustainable patterns of development based on well-planned infrasructure.” Alvarado’s goal is to focus on the edges and boundaries of the city, between what currently exists and its surrounding natural environments.  In adapting to urban density through sustainable solutions that address issues of sea level rise, her proposal responds dynamically to changing ecological conditions. Urban Extension proposes integrating the existing connections among the city, its waterways, and its future development by respecting the past urban fabric, while evolving it into a new urban extension. The strategy is to create a meaningful and sustainable solution to the results of SLR (sea level rise) in increments of adaptation and transformations of a new urban extension. By reshaping the edges of the city to respond to the dynamics of the rising seas and extreme weather, it will create a model for new opportunities for the future development of Miami and Miami Beach. (Source: Vanessa Alvarado)

Alvarado expresses gratitude to her faculty advisor Marta Canavés (FIU LAEUD Associate Professor), who helped her develop this presentation.

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