Student Spotlight: Kevin Arrieta





As a Landscape Architecture major, getting actively involved with organizations and activities is a given for second year undergraduate student, Kevin Arrieta. In 2012-13, he served as a Community Service Organization (CSO) representative of the FIU ASLA Student Chapter. Kevin says he can trace his interest in landscape architecture all the way back to his childhood when he discovered his interest in structural design, site planning, and urbanism.

“I chose Landscape Architecture because it is a profession that combines a lot of ecological and artistic aspects, and would give me the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects. As a landscape architect I have the opportunity to create amazing outdoors spaces for people to utilize and enjoy in their everyday life. Landscape architecture isn’t just planting flowers, it is more about designing functional outdoor spaces and creating livable communities that are sustainable for our daily lives.”  The opportunity to pursue a career in landscape architecture brought him to the unique program at FIU’s College of Architecture + The Arts.

Arrieta takes advantage of the many opportunities FIU Landscape has to offer.  He traveled to the University of Georgia with FIU ASLA to represent the program at the 2013 student run conference LABASH, and he has participated in various high-visibility projects like the installation of the Sky Lounge at DM courtyard and the Easel-Bench project at the local SMK8 Arts Magnet School.  “Thanks to Chair of FIU Landscape Architecture, Roberto Rovira, for the extraordinary help and support,” Arrieta said. “Since day one, Roberto and FIU Landscape have offered me a unique, yet straightforward and polished program, with the opportunity to pursue old interests and at the same time discover new ones.”

He also enjoys attending design programs such as the Design Exploration Program at the University of Florida and the Design Exploration Program offered by the University of Miami. Arrieta plans to stay focused on school and continue to be an active member in the FIU ASLA Student Chapter.

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