Redesign Of Deuxieme Maison Courtyard



In 2010, nearly 100 students, faculty, administrators and professional partners, took part in the FIU Open Space Charrette: a series of competition workshops that aimed at locating open spaces on campus that could be transformed in such a way that would make a lasting impression. The Deuxieme Maison (DM) courtyard was such a space.

The effort was led by the College of Architecture’s Department of Landscape Architecture in partnership with FIU External Relations, AECOM, Perkins + Will, FIU Facilities, Stobs Brothers Construction, MC Harry Associates, and many other community stakeholders. Two years later, a select group of students from the original winning team and under the design leadership of FIU’s Landscape Architecture Chair Roberto Rovira focused on redesigning the interior courtyard of DM.

We are excited to report that the project is well underway and the DM courtyard has been closed for temporary renovations and will reopen in approximately ten weeks as a completely redesigned space. The refurbished courtyard aims to create a protected and flexible space within DM serving as a space for quiet study, conversation, contemplation, gathering, and occasional presentations.

The minimum-maintenance landscape solution takes a sculptural approach and provides users and passersby a sanctuary unlike any other on campus. Over 3,000 air plants will hang from light stainless steel braided shapes overhead, and large circular benches will provide a place to sit back, relax and take in the sky above and the blue crushed glass underfoot. This project could serve as a model for other campus courtyards.

Funding for this project comes from various sources, including Student Government Association, College of Arts & Sciences, Facilities Management and donations of professional services from several vendors.

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