Photography Contest Winner’s Describe What #StudioLife Means to Them


Florida International University’s Interior Architecture department held a photography contest for the students enrolled in the program. The contest was proposed by department chair, Janine King, who thought of a way for students to become more proactive and involved, “I wanted to create an outlet for students to submit engaging, original content that portrayed their daily life in the program”.

The contest began on September 8th and submissions were due by October 25th, 2016. Three students were chosen by the department chair and were awarded cash prizes by the Department of Interior Architecture. The first prize winner received $200 for their entry; the second, $100 and the third place prize was $50.

The themed contest required students to prove their enrollment in architecture classes and submit pictures that portrayed their ‘Studio Life’. “As a Freshman, I was looking for ways to become more involved with the program so I thought this contest was a cool opportunity for me,” said Samantha de las Traviesas, the 3nd place winner.

Below, the winners explained what ‘Studio Life’ means to them and why those they choose this program:

By: Veronica Jaile


1st Place: Veronica Jaile, Senior, School of Architecture, Grad Student

“I think studio life is definitely a culture, because no else understand what happens behind those doors. It is truly a different world; you step into studio at noon and everyone is quietly working and come 3:00AM everyone is delirious. It is funny to see people at their best and worst like you do in a family environment.



2nd Place: Kurt Stenson, School of Interior Architecture, Junior

By: Kurt Stenson

“I choose the interior program to put my creativity into something that affects people directly. I personally think there isn’t a lot mediums to be creative where you can impact someone’s daily life, like for example there is music and things like that, but I feel like interiors and architecture, in general, people experience what you create on the daily. Studio is completely separate to interior academic program, it is our own little world that goes by different times. We are like a close knit of people with different backgrounds that goes above and beyond to create something.”



3rd Place: Samantha de las Traviesas, School of Interior Architecture, Freshman

“Studio like a second home. You meet these new people that become your brothers and sisters. You are with them 24/7; you eat together, don’t sleep together, you basically do everything by their side. We were there with the same passion and studying the same thing so it’s pretty awesome that we can grow and learn together.”


Header photograph taken by Veronica Jaile.

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