New Course Offering in FIU Landscape Architecture: Landscapes of Desire / Examining Culture and Nature


FIU Landscape Architecture is offering a new and exciting course as part of FIU’s Winter Mini Term being offered from Monday, December 16, 2013 to Friday, January 3, 2014.

The new Landscapes of Desire (LAA 3712) course, taught by Adjunct Professor Daisy Alvarez, will examine our cultural imprint in nature and how it exposes the character of the environment across geographies, regions and cities. A concept that can be traced back to ancient communities, whose practices and customs were based on the understanding that human survival depended on the conservation of natural resources, the course will look at the importance of the relationship between humans and nature and how it is crucial to the future growth of our built environments.

“Through this course, I would like to improve the consciousness of our relationship with nature and how it affects the places we live in today. In landscape architecture you have to give it time… to explain why our culture is the way it is today,” said Professor Daisy Alvarez, who added, “My main focus in this class will be to explore the relationship culture has with nature.”

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