LA Students Help Beautify ‘His House Children’s Home’


Firm visits, community service projects, and other fun social activities have marked an eventful and enjoyable semester for the FIU ASLA Student Chapter.  Each semester, the student chapter encourages members to participate and examine ways to get involved in the local community. Two important recent events were the community service project at the Highland Oaks Elementary School and the Beautification project at His House Children’s Home.

The non-profit organization, His House Children’s Home in Miami Gardens, provides care for abused, neglected and drug-exposed children, and gives them a nurturing home-like setting.

“It felt good to help out the kids make their living experience more pleasant and feel more like home. It was also nice to see how thankful the administration was and how much they really appreciate us being there for the kids,” said MLA student Steve Feccia, who was one of the members in charge of organizing the event.

A group of six students and faculty participated in the beautification of the Miami Gardens home. As part of the project, students spent an entire day weeding, cleaning and planting around the principal entrance of the home. Students also worked on landscaping several areas, while others pressure-cleaned the pavements and re-painted the entrance sign.

“Aside from all of the services that we provide for children, it is very important for the children to live in a well maintained home. Students who volunteered contributed to the restoration of the home, giving them a nice, clean, beautiful space to live in.” said, Dee Irving, volunteer coordinator at His House Children’s Home. “I look forward to seeing them come back constantly. These types of volunteer activities provide vision and willingness [improve] to the community.”

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