FIU’s Landscape Architecture + Environmental Urban Design Department Hosts Inaugural Advisory Board Meeting


On Wednesday, April 24th, the Landscape Architecture + Environmental and Urban Design department hosted the first meeting for its newly established Industry Advisory Board. Guests were welcomed by Chair Ozer and CARTA’s Senior Associate Deans, Nepomechie and Stuart. 

The agenda included an overview of the program’s curriculum and student outcomes by Chair Ozer, presentations by four MLA students, a guided tour of the facilities, and a brief introduction to the RDF Lab by Dr. Vassigh. Board members also met with full-time faculty, provided feedback to presenting students on their projects, selected the recipients of the ASLA Student Honor and Merit Awards, and discussed the schedule of future meetings.

The board members in attendance were:

* Andy Witkin, President + CEO, Witkin Hults +Partners 

* Ben Hutchens (MLA’06), Principal, ArquitectonicaGEO  

* Bryan D. Harrison, Design and Technical Operations Lead, (representing Barry Miller), Savino & Miller Design Studio  

* Carolina Monteiro, RLA (MLA’10), Principal, CLAD 

* Deena Bell-Llewellyn, Assistant Director of Public Works, City of Coral Gables

* George Puig, Principal, Kimley-Horn 

* Jennie Rogers (MLA’07), Principal, Curtis + Rogers Design Studio 

* Justine Velez, Principal, Urban Robot Associates, Inc. 

* Laura Reyes, PLA, Vice President, EDSA, Inc. 

The board aims to better connect the industry with FIU’s academic community, increase the program’s visibility, review and advance its curriculum to better meet industry needs, and support faculty and students. All board members are enthusiastic employers of our LAEUD graduates. The next board meeting will be held in summer of 2024.

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