Crucial Tips to Starting a Semester Off Right!


There are several things you can do to start off the semester on the right foot. Now is the time for a fresh start!

1. Get yourself organized.

As the semester begins, clean and organize your hard drive and make sure your software is up to date.  Start planning your calendar with all the due dates of tests, homework, papers, events, and projects. Manage your time efficiently and make sure you plan ahead, prioritize, and schedule time to relax.

2. Exercise.

According to a study by the PLOS ONE Journal, physical exercise improves the ability to learn and study. It is important to have a daily routine of exercises to stay physically and mentally healthy. Eating right will also maintain your body healthy. The last thing you want to do is miss important course content because of a terrible flu.

3. Participate and get involved in the Landscape Architecture career.

You’ve made your decision to study Landscape Architecture.  It is exciting and incredibly satisfying, but it is not enough to simply go to class and attend lectures. Step out of your comfort zone and volunteer and participate in local projects and activities. Throughout the year, FIU LA students participate in local community projects.  Last spring semester students were involved in the Easel Bench Project and the “Sky Lounge,” for example, which created a new courtyard space for the South Miami K through 8 school.  This semester we are doing many more outreach activities. It is never too late to get involved, nor too early to start applying for internships to obtain a career-related experience. Internships give you an early idea of what the job is like and will help you find your own interests.

4. Stay up to date.

Landscape Architecture combines art, design, technology, science, and the environment. It is a field that is constantly transforming. Stay up to date with works from landscape architecture professionals and firms. Join student and local associations and read publications and journals such as the ASLA’s Landscape Architecture Magazine and the Topos magazine. You can also exchange ideas and information related to the profession in magazines such as the Ground Magazine, published by the Ontario Association of Landscape Architects. If you prefer easy access to new updates you can simply ‘Like’ the organizations page on Facebook and you will receive all the notifications in your news feed.

5. Contacting your professors.

Communicate with your professors and tell them your plans for the future, whether you are starting college or you are close to graduation. Professors will provide you assistance and will guide you throughout your academic and professional career.  They can provide helpful feedback and insights as you learn about this exciting career.

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