Creative Career Presentations conducted by Roberto Rovira


Chair of Landscape Architecture, Roberto Rovira, was invited to participate as one of the guest speakers in the new Creative Careers Program at the Museum of Contemporary Art in North Miami. The program is particularly geared to high school students and is designed to introduce students to creative industries. Some of the highlights of the program include presentations from arts professionals and field trips that allow students to see creative careers behind the scenes. The Creative Careers Program provides a great opportunity for students to obtain career coaching and present possibilities for future job opportunities.

This past May, Rovira also participated in the Career Week Activities at the Downtown Miami Charter School where he conducted a presentation on landscape architecture. The event aimed to underscore the importance of academics while providing real world career information. Among the topics of discussion were the connection between the design fields like landscape architecture and popular video games such as Minecraft, which allows users to design and navigate entire new worlds and landscapes, and better understand the relationship between design and the resources required to build fantastic new environments.

FIU Landscape continues to actively share career advice and experiences with high schools, middle schools and local institutions to expose and communicate the landscape architecture profession.

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