LLK Center Launches Third Satellite Campus at Marymount University


Since its establishment, the Lillian Lodge Kopenhaver (LLK) Center for the Advancement of Women in Communication has been a pillar in promoting the diversity and equity of female communicators from the classroom to the working world. This campaign is now reaching more spaces with Marymount University receiving designation as the third satellite campus for the center. In addition, it is the first to be in the greater Washington, D.C. region. This campus will join the other two satellite campuses at Rowan University and Stephens College.

“We are excited that our FIU (Florida International University) students will have the opportunity to interact with students from Marymount University in a number of ways through this new partnership,” said Dr. Lillian Lodge Kopenhaver, Executive Director of the LLK Center for the Advancement of Women in Communication. “They have the opportunity to hear from, and network with speakers and experts that Marymount can bring to us.”

Leading Marymount’s satellite campus of the LLK Center as Co-Directors will be Dr. Kimberly Meltzer, Director of Marymount’s School of Social and Behavioral Sciences and Associate Professor of Communication, and Dr. Melissa Harris, Assistant Professor of Communication at Marymount University.

With a continued focus on developing visionaries and leaders who can make a difference by empowering both women professional and academics, this new satellite campus will facilitate continued connections between the FIU and Marymount communities. Through scholarly research, seminars, the Leadership Webinar series, mentoring programs, fellows’ programs, and an annual national conference, this third satellite campus will ensure that women in communication will continue to excel within leadership.

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