Beginning the Fall 2020 semester, the Department of Journalism + Media launched a new digital curriculum to meet the demands of an increasingly technological world.

The updated Bachelor of Science in Digital Communication and Media STEM degree now offers four technically innovative majors:

Digital Journalism
This program gives students the critical thinking and technical skills needed to produce digital media content and distribute that content across multiple communication platforms. Students will continue to gain experience with traditional news reporting, visual storytelling, production, electronic news reporting and writing and discussion for television and social media while mastering the skills needed to tailor traditional journalism to a social media audience.

Digital Broadcasting
Students will engage multiple and diverse audiences through a strong foundation in social media and networking, as well as learn methods and strategies for ensuring their communication attains maximum impact. Digital broadcast majors will learn how to write, shoot, edit, produce and direct video for traditional and digital media platforms.

Digital and Interactive Media
Provides a foundation for students in data visualization and creating data-driven narratives for public communication. Combining critical and cultural aspects of social media, the degree offers hands-on instruction in web analytics and content creation. Students in this major can expect to take courses in interactive media, motion graphics, digital theories, visual design and more.

Digital TV and Multimedia Production
Students gain updated fundamentals in the industry’s best practices as well as training in studio production and writing for television. They will also be exposed to technology-driven facets of the industry, such as motion graphic production, podcasting, social media production and web development.

Students accepted under the Bachelor of Science in Communication degree are strongly encouraged to change their degree selection to the Bachelor of Science in Digital Communication and Media with one of the four new major declarations.  With courses across the majors in motion graphics, digital theories, web production, multimedia production, podcasting, digital audio and social media, J+M students are sure to graduate ready for a 21st century career in journalism and media.

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