Journalism Alum Reports 1,700-mi. Journey Along the Border


Travelling 1,700 miles from the Rio Grande Valley to San Diego, FIU alumus Tiffany Huertas spent seven days highlighting immigration and the Mexican border crisis in a project called “The Line.” After graduating from FIU with a bachelor’s in journalism and kickstarting a career in Florida news, Huertas moved from the Sunshine State to Texas, where she now reports for ABC KSAT12 in San Antonio.

For “The Line,” Huertas reported from the border via video in a day-to-day format, accompanied with digital copy by fellow KSAT journalist Adrian Garcia. The two spoke to everyone from border patrol officials to volunteers to undocumented migrant mothers, sharing their accounts on the station’s site and on various social media, from Twitter to Instagram. By the end of the project, Huertas had completed over 15 stories.

Huertas calls this “one of the most powerful series” in her entire career – which began over six years ago at the City of Doral newspaper. She is among the many outstanding FIU Journalism alumni who have traveled all over the country and internationally for their careers.

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