Dr. Susan Jacobson Selected as Inductee to the CLEO Leadership Circle


Dr. Susan Jacobson, Associate Professor in the School of Communication + Journalism’s Department of Journalism + Media, has been selected as an inductee to the CLEO Leadership Circle.

CLEO, Climate Leadership Engagement Opportunities, is one of the largest climate engagement organizations in South Florida, reaching more than 40,000 citizens with their initiatives. Dr. Jacobson was selected for this honor based on her work as the Project Lead of the Eyes on the Rise Sea Level Toolbox app. The app lets residents enter their address into a Google Map and, with a visualization developed by FIU’s GIS Center, allows them to see the potential impact of sea level rise on their neighborhoods.

Dr. Jacobson developed a crowdsourcing tool for the app, which lets citizens document sunny day flooding during the King Tides in South Florida. In collaboration with the Sea Level Solutions Center, she has been involved in organizing citizen scientists to visit low-lying areas at the time of the King Tides, take photos and videos of flooding, measure water depth and measure water salinity.

FIU Students gather for flood water training sessions at Vizcaya.

More than 60 FIU students and citizens gathered at the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens on October 16 to receive training on how to document floods, and worked in groups to document flooding around Miami. You can see a map of some of their work here.

The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens has invited Dr. Jacobson and the Sea Level Solutions Center to return in November to repeat this program during the November high tides. If you are interested in participating, please contact Dr. Jacobson at sujacobs@fiu.edu. Dr. Jacobson will be inducted into the CLEO Leadership Circle at a special dinner on Thursday, November 17.

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