University of Genoa Meets Miami



For the past week, naval architect students from Italy’s University of Genoa and FIU’s Interior Architecture graduate design 4 – cruise ship and super yacht students collaborated in a five day workshop.

Students from both universities first met at Port Everglades in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, where they received an exclusive private tour of one of Celebrity Cruises ships, Constellation. Shortly after their tour, students were randomly assigned groups comprising three Italian and two FIU students. For four days, teams had to conceptualize, design, brand and present a double-suite spa stateroom. They presented their projects to select Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruises employees at FIU’s Miami Beach Urban Studios this past Friday.

The marked language barrier and different styles in teaching (America vs. Italy)  resulted in the workshop being very challenging for some.  Despite these difficulties and time constraints, the projects produced by the students were phenomenal and hugely successful overall. FIU students will be traveling to La Spezia in Italy on April 13th for a 2-week workshop ensuring they grasp a better understanding of how super yacht design works, while exploring different dry docks in both Italy and Germany. To view photos from this workshop, check out the FIU’s Interior Architecture Facebook page!

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