Two Interior Students Awarded the Martin and Constance Silver Scholarship Award


Two students from the Department of Interior Architecture were awarded the 2017-18 Martin and Dr. Constance Silver Scholarship to offset the costs of their courses and allow them to complete their education at Florida International University.

Masters candidate, Samantha Corrochano, was selected as one of the recipients of the scholarship. The $5,000 award will apply towards tuition costs.

Prior to attending FIU, Corrochano took classes at Miami Dade College to test the waters of her future career. After taking a few business courses, she quickly realized that business wasn’t for her. Instead, she opted for less traditional courses and enrolled in history and interior courses before transferring to FIU.

Corrochano is now completing her masters in Interior Architecture and will be participating in commencement at the beginning of May.

“I am privileged enough to have my parents support my dream, but unfortunately my family could no longer afford the cost of tuition,” explained Corrochano.

“Without the scholarship, I would have had to pick up more hours at work and take out an additional loan for this semester. Now, I can eliminate the financial stress and simply focus on my thesis project throughout my final semester at FIU.’”

The second recipient of the Martin and Dr. Constance Travel Scholarship was awarded to Raquel Raney, a master candidate and graphic designer.

The $2,500 scholarship will cover costs of the Bauhaus Study Abroad program; a program offered by the Interior Architecture department.

Throughout her undergraduate degree at Arizona State University, Raney was educated in the Bauhaus teachings and design principles. Deeply influenced and inspired by its theories, Raney wanted to participate in the program offered by FIU. However, she faced monetary challenges that prevented her from participating. 

“This travel scholarship will help lessen the financial stress of being a Graduate Student and allow me to focus wholeheartedly on the incredible experience at hand. I am beyond looking forward to this extremely special journey to the Bauhaus,” said Raney.

Both students expressed their gratitude to Martin and Constance Silver for granting them to opportunity to continue their education and alleviate their expenses. Come May 2018, both students will graduate and continue passion in the design field.

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