Students Win Highly Competitive NEWH South Florida Chapter Scholarship


Two FIU Interior Architecture students Monica Fuentes and Adriana Lacruz each received the NEWH South Florida Chapter Scholarship for 2015. Fuentes and Lacruz were two out of five individuals who won the scholarship in the entire South Florida region.

The NEWH South Florida Chapter Scholarship is awarded annually to students who have GPAs of at least 3.0, attend accredited colleges, and have career objectives in the Hospitality Industry. (Further information on criteria can be accessed here.)

The selection of scholarship recipients is made by a Scholarship Committee of NEWH members. Each NEWH chapter compiles a list of eligible schools to which they will offer scholarship assistance. Usually these schools are in the geographical area of the chapter. An eligible school is defined as accredited and one that will hold the scholarship moneys in trust for the student to draw down upon on an “as needed” basis. Applications for scholarships are sent to the school and returned to each chapter’s scholarship committee for review and selection. Each chapter awards scholarships based on the financial ability of the chapter to fund such scholarship awards. Eligible schools include community colleges, or their equivalents, and the Baccalaureate College and are for students majoring in the Hospitality, Foodservice or related fields. (Source)

The featured header image includes photos uploaded by the NEWH South Florida Chapter. The original location of these photos can be accessed here.

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