Students Awarded at Interior Architecture Master Project Jury


FIU’s Master of Interior Architecture program prepares students for a successful future after graduation, especially through the Master Project Jury conducted at the end of each semester for those in their final term. Completing the program in its entirety prepares our graduates to meet the profession and tackle new challenges in a refreshing manner.

This spring, FIU Interior Architecture presented the following awards:

Design Excellence
Alexandra Fernandez
Dragana Stovanovic
Cristiana Quinonez
Antonella Jahn

Exceptional Application of Research
Patricia Rotella Martinez

Design Scholarship (Highest GPA)
Michelle Jardine
Fatma Hasanain

Excellence in Sustainable Design
Dragana Stovanovic
Estefany Intriago

Jurors’ Choice Awards for Best Presentation
1st place: Antonella Jahn
2nd place: Dragana Stovanovic
3rd place: Gabrielle Gonzalez

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