Sarah Boehm Publishes Work on “Environmentally Responsible Design” in the International Journal of Art & Design Education


Assistant Professor Sarah Boehm’s latest academic publication “Facilitating Comprehension, Connection and Commitment to Environmentally Responsible Design” was published in the International Journal of Art & Design Education’s February 2015 issue.

Boehm’s abstract is as follows:

Given the increased awareness of the negative effects the building industry has on the environment, designs produced without considering sustainability of the planet can no longer be accepted. Although the concepts of sustainability and environmental responsibility are not new to the field of interior design, a review of the literature reveals that Environmentally Responsible Design (ERD) is not being practised with any industry-wide consistency. This article proposes an interdisciplinary pedagogical model that promises to educate students to imbed ERD principles into the design process. The TIER Model’s framework is an amalgam that harnesses insights from Humanistic Sustainability, Place-Conscious Education, Principles of Sustainable Design, Phases of the Design Process and Traditional Ecological Knowledge to form a broader view of the environment and help synthesise and inculcate the concepts of sustainability. A descriptive case study illustrates how such a framework may be used to introduce ERD and sustainability concepts into design curricula. Findings from this research suggest the need to replicate the TIER Model’s use within different team structures, courses and settings around the world. This work represents an innovative approach to fostering an individualised comprehension, connection and commitment to ERD among students of interior design. (Source: Wiley Online Library)

Sarah Boehm is an assistant professor in the Interior Architecture Department at Florida International University. She holds a Master of Interior Design degree and is a licensed interior designer in the state of Florida. Her research envisions the amalgamation of two very important research directions: socially responsible design and the built environment. To learn more about Assistant Professor Sarah Bohem, click here.

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