Rick and Margarita Tonkinson Host Their Interior Architecture Scholarship Winners


Rick Tonkinson, Chair of the CARTA Advisory Board, and his wife Margarita have thoroughly enjoyed working with Isabel Collazos, Stephanie Jenkins, and Filippo Poggipolini, the three FIU graduate students in interior architecture who are working as a team to redesign the master bathroom in the Tonkinson estate home.

At the wine and cheese event at the Tonkinsons’ home, the couple had the opportunity to present the students to faculty, fellow students, and CARTA Board Members. Janine King, Chair of Interior Architecture, and Mark Marine have been the faculty advisors. They were also at the wine and cheese event.

The Tonkinsons are awarding the three students scholarships for their excellent work. The Tonkinsons serve as a role model to other CARTA Board Members to use the talent of the students and faculty throughout CARTA.

(Above photo from left to right: Isabel Collazos, Rick Tonkinson, Margarita Tonkinson, Stephanie Jenkins, Filippo Poggipolini)

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