PROsession: SapientNitro’s Nicole Levine and Sasha Kobrynich Discuss “Branding Yourself”


On Tuesday, February 16th, Nicole Levine (SapientNitro) and Sasha Kobrynich (SapientNitro) presented to students in Professional Office Practice – taught by Senior Instructor Katie Rothfield – about “Branding Yourself” and making yourself appealing and marketable as a designer in the workforce.

“Branding Yourself” reviewed the aesthetics of a resume, cover letter, and portfolio. Besides including impressive credentials, new jobseekers, said Levine and Kobrynich, must pay close attention to the presentation of their documents. The guest speakers also discussed the importance of knowing and researching the type of firm you wish to work for, and determining your goals as a designer and aligning your interview materials accordingly.

Interior Architecture’s Professional Office Practice course focuses on three key areas: career preparation, business practices, and professional services/project management. The PROsession series expounds upon the curriculum of Professional Office Practice, focusing on topics such as the benefits of joining professional associations, professional ethics and etiquette, and career paths for an interior designer. The course covers topics such as professional requirements, ethics and professional responsibility, career options and preparation, business formations, marketing strategies, contracts and fees, legal responsibilities, business plans, project phases, and the future of the profession of interiors. The values of professional responsibility, accountability, and effectiveness are also addressed.

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