Introducing Interior Architecture Graduate Assistant, Peta-Gaye Deanna Walker.  Originally from Kingston, Jamaica, Walker completed a Bachelor in Sociology and Psychology at Florida Atlantic University before entering Interior Architecture’s 3-year track for students with degrees in other fields.

Peta-Gaye is now completing her 2nd year of the 3-year Master of Interior Architecture track at FIU. Her professional interests lie in hospitality and retail design, with special focus on lighting and custom furniture design.
As a Graduate Assistant, Peta-Gaye is currently working with FIU CARTA faculty member, Katie Rothfield, on a project to create a state of the art resource for researching interior architecture finish materials. This entails cataloging a collection of materials into a database, expanding, and upgrading the current material resource facility so that our students have access to the latest material samples, and to online resources regarding interior finish materials and products. A focus of this database is cataloging material characteristics including but not limited to sustainable building materials and installation practices. Peta-Gaye has been an essential member of the research team.
An important aspect of her life is family and making positive contributions to her community. She is involved in a variety of organizations including the City of Boca Raton’s Annual Holiday Parade and Girl Scouts. Her other interests include traveling, reading, decorative arts and history.
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