Martin and Dr. Constance Silver, M.S.W. Award Art in Public Interiors Scholarships


On Thursday, January 22nd, Martin and Dr. Constance Silver, M.S.W. handed out the Fall 2014 Art in Public Interiors awards to students in the Master of Interior Architecture program.

Three students from each design studio were selected as award recipients. Each student was given a scholarship according to his/her ranking. The scholarship funds devoted to the Art in Public Interiors program amounted to a total amount of $7,000, thanks to Martin and Dr. Constance Silver.

The following students from the following design studios received Art in Public Interiors Awards. They were awarded for being the best who integrated artwork and collections of art into their interior architecture designs.

Design 3
1st – Daniel Ruggero ($1,000)
2nd – Nishita Aswani ($500)
3rd – Leeann Evron ($250)

Grad 1
1st – Amy Alonso ($1,000)
2nd – Anamary Fernandez ($500)
3rd – Francene Halili ($250)

Grad 3
1st – Adriana Lacruz ($1,000)
2nd – Monica Fuentes ($500)
3rd – Frank Baster ($250)

Grad 5
1st – Michelle Jardine ($1,000)
2nd – Fatma Hasanian ($500)
3rd – Alejandra Saul ($250)

The header image was taken by Manuel Perez-Trujillo.

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