Lazzara Yachts Tour



On Thursday, April 4th, select Italian students from the University of Genoa and FIU’s Cruise Ship and Super Yacht design program students traveled to Lazzara Yachts in Tampa, Fl during their workshop collaboration.  This was the first time any of the students witnessed the construction of a yacht.

Lazzara Yachts is a family owned business with a passion for the design and engineering of luxurious super yachts. For them, the purpose of design is more than creating a fluid window line or a unique hull shape; it’s about creating emotion. For Lazzara, the yacht they create and custom build, should be an extension of the owner and his/her lifestyle at sea. There is an energy and momentum that comes with the ability to bring a design from concept to market faster than any other company.  Lazzara Yachts can go from a conceptual sketch to a finished product within ten months.  This allows the company to create the most current, innovative yachts in the world.

Lazzara’s design and engineering team is built upon the best experience in both traditional and modern methods of product development. Each new concept goes from pencil and marker sketches to being hand modeled in clay.  It is then scanned in real time 3D and refined for surfacing and part manufacture.

Visit FIU’s Interior Architecture Facebook page to see photographs taken on-site from the fieldtrip! Thank you Lazzara Yacht’s for letting students take a tour from your incredible company.


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