Italian Trade Commission Invites FIU Interior Architecture to Visit Fort Lauderdale Boat Show


The Italian Trade Commission (ICE), led by Trade Commissioner Giancarlo Albano, spearheaded the FIU Fall 2014 Cruise Ship and Super Yacht Design studio visit to the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show. This visit afforded students the unique opportunity to interact with premiere Italian manufacturers of the yacht industry. Presentations from Fincantieri Yachts, Ferretti Group Yachts, and Fiarte Mare allowed the students to gain a better perspective of yachts including different yacht categories, architectural and interior design, manufacturing locations, laws and regulations, and client relations.

Fincanteri Yachts, the first presenter on the roster, is the leading ship builder in the Western Hemisphere. Presenter Marco Mazzu, Head of Origination Strategies & Market Development, hosted the students and gave them an overview of the company, including the scope of work that the company undertakes, the technological advances that they are known for, and the infrastructure of the company. The presentation also served to give the students insight into the breadth of the yacht industry, with Mazzu discussing the various classifications of yachts.

Next, Giuseppina Arena, Interior Design Manager with Ferretti Group spoke with the students about the design of Ferretti yachts, interior and exterior. Ms. Arena shared her knowledge of materials and material applications for the various classes of yachts in the Ferretti fleet, specifically the difference between materials used in displacement and planing type yachts. The Ferretti experience was culminated with Ms. Arena treating the students to tours of two yachts in the Ferretti fleet: a Ferretti Class Yacht and a Pershing Class Yacht.

The final presentation of the day was from Annalaura di Luggo, Managing Director Sales & Marketing Manager and owner of Fiart Mare, the maker of the first fiberglass boat in Europe. Ms. di Luggo, who is also the daughter of Fiart Mare founder Ruggiero di Luggo, spoke about the innovations of the yachts her company makes, specifically those relating to hull and engine design and the extra living space that their designs afford. Ms. Di Luggo presented the 4Seven Genius, the company’s award winning power yacht, which showcased the modern and innovative design that Fiart Mare is pioneering.

For the members of the Cruise Ship and Super Yacht Design Studio, the opportunity to attend the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show under the patronage of the Italian Trade Agency was a tremendous experience. It afforded them interaction with and insight about the yachting industry, giving them knowledge that they could apply to their education. Special thanks should be given to the team at the Italian Trade Agency including Giancarlo Albano, Domina D’Isanto, and Daniele Deustachio, who were instrumental in coordinating the event.

This article was written by Katrina Best, Graduate Assistant in FIU Interior Architecture. All images are provided courtesy of Antonella Jahn, Graduate Assistant in FIU Interior Architecture.

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