Interior Architecture Students Prepare Masters Project Presentations for Field Mentors


Every year, the FIU Interior Architecture Department partners industry professionals with our Masters students to mentor them through the design of their Masters Projects.

Each student in Instructor Katie Rothfield’s Project Programming course is paired with a mentor who imparts their knowledge from years of experience in the field and advises them at various points throughout the completion of his/her Masters Project. To assist in the selection process, the students create short video synopses of their work thus far for the mentors, and the mentors review the videos so as to select the project(s) that best match their expertise. In addition, each student creates a virtual platform for presenting his/her work that is accessible to the mentor with whom the student is paired. This is an opportunity for the student to gain valuable face time with top designers, and it is the beginning of the student’s professional relationships with them that will continue post-graduation.

This semester, each student team created a video presentation of its project, as well as an individual website that is solely devoted to each student’s Masters Project work. The videos included the selected building, project typology, project location, client owner(s)/users, and any other information that would assist a potential mentor in understanding the project and how their knowledge may best assist in the student’s project’s development. Each team video was then uploaded to the Project Programming course blog.

Typology: Hospitality/Restaurant
Ericka Espinal/ Frank Baster/ Evelyn Luna


Typology:  Hospitality/Hotel
Adriana Lacruz, Amanda Caraballo, Marcela Restrepo, Michelle Baez, Monica Fuentes


Typology: Hospitality/Hotel
Team: J.A.C. Design Group
Names: Jissette Jimenez | Aida Lora | Carlida Tang


Team Minion
Typology: Research + Aquarium + Education
Esteban Alvarez, Stephanie Jenkins, Filippo Poggipolini, Melba Suarez


Team Group Therapy
Typology: Museum
Katrina Best, Isabel Collazos, Vanessa Gorrochategui, Scheherezade Marles


Typology: Hospitality /Boutique Hotel
Elizabeth Bicheva / Brittney Willis / Rebecca Hendrickson / Sentrall Marsh / Shari Gayle

The featured image is a screenshot from the short student video prepared by Ericka Espinal, Frank Baster, and Evelyn Luna.

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