Interdisciplinary Charrette: Rokk3r Labs


This fall the Departments of Interior Architecture and Architecture embarked on a multidisciplinary charette competition that involved teams of students working with Rokk3r Labs to re-invent their company headquarters in Miami Beach. Charettes are short design exercises where students create designs while working under pressure. Collaborating with other disciplines on the charette design promoted creative and critical thinking, along with teamwork, relationship-building, and professional respect between students enrolled in the College of Architecture + The Arts.

The ultimate goal was to create an open, inventive workplace that reflects Rokk3r labs’ values, eclectic personality and innovative organizational structure. Rokk3r Labs provides many services and digital experience to entrepreneurs and businesses, such as creating software that will make business owners more successful, prosperous, and efficient.  The design specifications were to create an environment that houses between 20-30 people flexibly (so that space can be rearranged for different team interactions), a state of the art conference room, and space for possible expansion. In short, the objective was to design a workplace for 21st century creative, technology driven, knowledge workers.

 The winning charrette was Team 5, with their concept of: “The Garage: A place where tinkering on an idea has provoked innovation.” Team 5 members were Gabi Gonzalez, Giovanni Guadarrama, Kevin Villar and Dina Karimullina.


Congratualations to Team 5 on their winning design, and thank you to all the students, faculty and staff who participated in this competition, with special mention to Rokk3r Labs!

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