Inside Scoop: Duffy & Lee Carpet Company



The Duffy & Lee Carpet Company Vice President Barbara Duffy, presented to students from FIU and the University of Genoa’s Cruise Ship and Super Yacht Design class. The lecture formed part of a week long collaboration workshop and included topics such as carpet installation and seaming for cruise ships.

The Duffy & Lee Carpet Company first established itself in 1966 and has earned a reputation of expertise in the carpet industry. Their services include specifications and hundreds of years of experience in carpeting hospitality, workplace, commercial and cruise ship settings. During her presentation, Duffy provided several construction document sets of the floor plan layout that shows proper carpet design and dimension.

Valuable insight gained included learning how the seaming of a carpet does not always have to be on the edge of a trim. One of the best secrets in disguising seems is placing it in the center of the space. Duffy showed the students examples of the carpets that were placed in the Ritz Carlton hotel and gave more insight on how to select patterns that reinforce brand identity.

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