Graduate Student Workshops: Teaching Through Experience


What better way is there to learn a new skill or hone your existing skills than to be taught by someone who has been in your shoes? The Department of Interior Architecture embraces this idea in order to build a supporting community for its students. A series of workshops has been created that will be taught by Graduate 5 students Ilanit Cohen, Antonella Jahn, Peta Walker, and Mitzy Molina.

During the workshops every Wednesday from 1:00pm to 2:00 pm in room PCA 216, these students advise and assist Graduate 1 students in learning tips and tools to enhance their educational experiences in the semesters to come.

The first workshop of the series was held on August 28,2013. Taught by Ilanit Cohen, it covered Model Making basics for study models. This workshop covered how to cut and glue neatly, what types of materials are best suited for different projects, and how to incorporate plans to create and abstract model.

“The students were motivated and engaged to learn, and wanting more insight,” said Ilanit when asked about the success of the workshop. Since the workshops are a continuing success, Interior Architecture hopes all of its students will take advantage of this opportunity to be taught by their own peers.

Other workshops are scheduled throughout the semester and will cover topics such as verbal presentation techniques, rendering sections and elevations, photographing models etc.

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