Graduate Design Studio 2 Visits Facebook Offices in Miami


On Tuesday, January 19th, FIU Interior Architecture students in Graduate Design Studio 2 visited the Facebook offices in Miami.

Graduate Design Studio 2 seeks to deepen student thinking in several different areas of the design process. These include application and synthesis of theory, information gathering, and programming within the design process of space planning, three-dimensional design development, and detailing.

At the Facebook Miami offices, the students were given the opportunity to  experience a successful workplace design. They observed what they learn in studio during the office visit, examining more closely how interior designers respond to a complex set of contexts. The workplace must address the functional needs, social atmosphere, and cultural differences of the users and the clients. Visiting the Facebook offices in Miami allowed the students to explore design’s role in affording users a sense of place, as well as aiding with employee recruitment, retention, job satisfaction, and productivity.

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