Festival of the Trees Awards Interior Student’s for their Excellence in Design


In the last 15 years, the Festival of the Trees event, hosted by the Department of Interior Architecture, has raised more than $300,000 to benefit interior students.

Each semester, the department disperses scholarships to students enrolled in the interior program for their academic achievements and their excellence in design. These recipients were hand selected from a pool of students by the faculty, designated studio professors and critique judges.

Amongst their class, these students stood out and received acknowledgment by the department; in turn gaining reinforcement and motivation for their educational purpose and goals.  Congratulations to all!

Below some students were given the opportunity to express their gratitude to the department and the event that made this all possible:


Brennan Broome

 “Having just begun my education in Interior Architecture, I am honored to have been acknowledged for my work in hospitality design by the Festival of the Trees award. As a graduate student returning to school after some years, the value of this scholarship is recognized and much appreciated.”




Raquel Raney

“I am honored to have been selected as a recipient of the Festival of the Trees award. Thanks to this generous scholarship, I am one step closer to reaching my educational goals of establishing a foundation in design principles, communication and management in the field of Interior Design.”




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Karina Perlaza

“This scholarship shows me first hand that hard work really does pay off. It will push me every semester to not give up and always strive for my fullest potential for I know what the outcome can be. It has also helped me realize that I do have more potential than I thought of myself and I’m very thankful all my hard work from this semester did not go unnoticed.”





Samantha Corrochano

“Thank you so much for awarding my group and I with the Festival of the Trees Scholarship! We had a great semester doing this project together. With the money received from the scholarship, I will be using it for my semester abroad this Spring for Yacht Design.”







Ramiro Exposito Gaspe

“Being selected winner of the Festival of the Trees Scholarship for Design Excellence is without any doubt  one the most biggest achievements of my start of career as Interior Designer. This recognition for my work in this semester only pushes me forward to be even better student in my next years.  It is also a responsibility with my self and the entire Interior Architecture School because part of my personal goals is in a future be one of the best  student that the school ever has and part of professor staff. This scholarship its going to help me be the best designer that I possibly can and for that I’m thankful.”




Full List of Recipients:


Raquel Raney

Brennan Broome


Karina Perlaza

Bianca Abreu-Valdez

Camilo Pena

Ludmilla Belle Canto

Noah Peters


Samantha Corrochano

Daniella Ruggero

Valeria Castillo


Ramiro Exposito Gaspe


Martha Salazar Venerio

Vivian Taboada


Amy Alonso

Edna Desulme

Carolina Lentijo

Esperanza Muino

Jovanny Lopez

Elizabeth Lyon

To get more information the Festival of the Trees event, please visit: Festival of the Trees

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