Cruise Ship & Super Yacht Certificate Program Expands to Include 6 Weeks in Genoa, Italy


This spring semester, twelve interior architecture students are studying aboard in the historic center of Genoa, Italy. The first annual trip is part of the Cruise Ship and Super Yacht (CSSY) certificate program, a program created by FIU’s Department of Interior Architecture.

This year, the CSSY certificate program has expanded to include 6 weeks of curriculum and traveling within Italy and neighboring countries. Rebecca Raucci and Carmen Ferrer lead the program with Department Chair, Janine King and Instructor Darci Pappano overseeing it. Participants include students from Graduate Design 4 (Cruise Ship and Super Yacht Design) and Travel, Culture and Design class.

In Genoa, the students have their own apartments spread across the historic city center and their own studio space. The curriculum includes international workshops on cruise ship and yacht design and classes covering different methodologies in creating interior spaces.

“It’s different than when you take a class; this program is a lifestyle. You breathe, you eat, you see everything in a unique way,” said Nishita Aswani, Interior Architecture and CSSY student.

The interdisciplinary curriculum focuses on keeping an interactive and dynamic schedule. Three days a week are dedicated to studio classes and the rest of the week is dedicated to traveling to different cities to study architectural landmarks and indulge in the city’s culture.

“It’s way more memorable to see the architectural landmarks in person; to actually be able to go, touch the stone, feel the marble, and to see the detail put into these structures…it hits you,” explained Jade Scherb, Interior Architecture and CSSY student.

So far this year, the students have visited STX shipyard, a trip coordinated by FIU Alumni, Kelly Gonzales, Vice President in charge of New Ship building at RCCL International in Nantes, France. The group have also traveled to Florence, Rome, Venice, Vicenza, and Milan in Italy and Basel in Switzerland.

This program serves as a unique opportunity for students to dive deeper into their chosen nautical design field and explore different cultures.

Featured image and gallery credited to Rebecca Raucci.

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