CARTA Launches New ‘Pilot Space’


steelcase_group photoOn August 17, 2016, FIU Interior Architecture and Steelcase & Empire Office hosted a celebration to welcome students and faculty to FIU CARTA’s ‘pilot space’, a new space promoting movement, collaboration, focus and socialization.

This new studio space is the result of a collaborative research partnership between FIU students, faculty, and Steelcase & Empire Office. The goal project was to create an inspirational studio space that supports studio teaching and learning processes.

During the planning process, Steelcase & Empire Office & FIU Interior Architecture held interactive workshops with students and faculty and observed classes. The aim was to understand how our faculty and students work in order to tailor a design concept for FIU.

The installation is complete and the first studio class is using the space. Now comes the post occupancy evaluation. This is a process to assess how the space works by collecting and analyzing information about space use and perception while classes are in session.

Post NeoCon Presentation

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