What Course Should Every Student Take? Public Speaking!



FIU News recently featured a story on the eight courses that every student should take and SPC 2608, Public Speaking was top of the list!  It was second only to a one credit course on exploring majors and careers (such as Communication Arts!).  Read an excerpt of the story below and in full at news.fiu.edu

It’s easy to get pulled into registering for a full slate of courses required for your major every semester. College is all about discovering what you are passionate about and exploring new ideas, but it is easy to go through the years and realize that you didn’t do much discovering or exploring at all. Give yourself a chance to take a step back and take a look at other courses in other disciplines that can expand your creativity, provide you with skills that will be valuable in and out of the workplace, and improve your employability. Here are some courses to take that can help pull you out of your comfort zone and get the most out of your collegiate journey while learning skills that will be incredibly useful in the “real world.”

#1. MAJOR AND CAREER EXPLORATION (SLS 3407) – Fundamentals of career development strategies and clarify interests and skills as related to major/career choice.


Course Description: Study of the principles of ethical and effective public speaking, with practice in the construction and delivery of original speeches before an audience.

For many people, the idea of speaking in front of people – large or small – is about as enjoyable as getting up for that 8 a.m. class for which you regretted signing up. But no matter what career field you are going into, the ability to clearly and effectively communicate ideas to your bosses and coworkers is essential. Organizing your thoughts to develop an argument, delivering a 10-minute presentation and speaking comfortably and intelligently in front of others are invaluable skills that will come in handy when the time comes to interview for a job and in the workplace. This course will without a doubt boost your value in the workplace.

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