Webb Publishes Entry in Encyclopedia of Health Communication


Lynne M. Webb, Professor in Communication Arts, is lead author of the entry “STD and HIV Prevention” in Encyclopedia of Health Communication. Professor Webb’s essay reviews the social scientific research on how sexually active adults can prevent transmission of sexual diseases, including HIV, by engaging in effective communication that facilitates safer sex practices such as condom use. The essay summarizes the findings of over 100 reports of original research including studies conducted by Webb and her co-author Patricia Amason, of the University of Arkansas.

The Encyclopedia, initially released in May 2014, serves as a reference work for scholars and practitioners. According to Sage Publishing, the Encyclopedia “provides comprehensive coverage, including such topics as cultural complexities; high risk and special populations; message design and campaigns; provider/patient interaction issues; media issues; and more. All entries were specifically commissioned for this work, signed and authored by key figures in the field; each concludes with cross reference links and suggestions for further reading.”

The Encyclopedia is edited by a pioneering researcher in health communication, Teresa L. Thompson, PhD. Thompson serves on the Department of Communication faculty at the University of Dayton and is the sitting editor of the scholarly journal Health Communication published by Taylor and Francis.

The Encyclopedia contains over 600 entries organized A-to-Z across three volumes and 1688 pages. It can be purchased at amazon.com.

Professor Webb (PhD, University of Oregon) conducts research on communication in personal relationships including safer sex talk between consenting adults. She joined the FIU faculty in August 2013 after serving on the University of Arkansas faculty where she was named a J. William Fulbright Master Researcher. The courses she teaches at FIU include Interpersonal Communication, Conflict Management, and Communication in Social Media.




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