Six BOLD students win prestigious fellowship program 


The BOLD Strategic Communications Agency is elated to announce that six members have been accepted for the 4A’s Foundation’s Multicultural Advertising Internship Program (MAIP) this summer. The nonprofit organization provides students and recent graduates with fellowships at advertising, communications, and marketing agencies over a 22-week period and with opportunities to gain employment after graduation.  

To support FIU applicants, BOLD holds a MAIP alumni panel every fall semester. Previous recipients share their experiences and encourage BOLD members to apply while offering advice on how to gain selection. 

Here are the students that will be participating in the program this year:  

Camila Valle 

Camila Valle, an account executive for the Clutch Burger account and a Spring 2022 graduate, will gain insightful project management experience at Edelman’s New York office this summer. Camilla will put her BOLD experience to work as she ventures into global communications. 

Her previous BOLD experience ranged from account associate for FIU Alumni to being a Culture Committee member. Every BOLD engagement has provided the opportunity to further develop her resume, portfolio work, and overall candidacy. Camilla is motivated to see where this opportunity can take her. 

“I’m excited to network with professionals doing amazing work,” said Valle.  

Paola Fernandez 

Paola Fernandez, a Fall 2021 graduate and former BOLD Creative Team member, will be interning in the Miami office for Dentsu Americas. She will be working as a designer with a primary focus on public relations initiatives. 

At BOLD, Paola worked with clients FIU Theatre, Lovvett, and the Bob Dylan Art Exhibition in various video editing and photography roles. She learned about client relationships and how to put her interpersonal skills to work. The organization strengthened Paola’s confidence through the creative outlets she was able to explore and provide the lens of exact client needs and the intricate timeline. Paola looks forward to collaborating throughout her design field and learning from peers as part of the whole summer experience.  

“MAIP looks for creatives who are self-assured in their craft,” said Fernandez. “BOLD helped me hone that in.” 

Atiya Pitaktrakul  

Atiya Pitaktrakul, Director of Culture at BOLD FIU and a Spring 2022 graduate, will be an intern for The Ad Council in New York. She will participate in public service promotions and U.S. Government advertising productions. Her involvement within the BOLD organization began as a social media associate for FIU Theatre and transitioned to their account executive. 

Her introduction to the PRAAC program at CARTA sparked an interest in developing campaigns with lasting impact that amplifies the voices of those underrepresented in media. Aitya has cultivated a purpose to bring awareness to the pressing issues of today. Atiya describes her MAIP journey as heavily influenced by BOLD through her first MAIP panel during Fall 2020. She had authentic conversations with MAIP alumni who urged her to apply.  

“BOLD has helped me explore different fields within the communication industry,” said Pitaktrakul. 

Camille Garcia  

Camille Garcia, BOLD President and prospective Spring 2023 graduate, will also intern at Dentsu Americas in Miami, where she will work in account management.  

Camille began at BOLD as a public relations associate and rose to account executive, account supervisor, and director of operations. She has worked on numerous accounts such as Mary Brickell Village, FIU Miami Beach Urban Studios (MBUS), FIU Theatre, and Dedicated Cooling.  

BOLD has influenced her MAIP journey by helping her grow as a professional. After learning about the fellowship in her freshman year, she immediately set her sights on gaining all the exposure the 4A’s foundation can offer. Camille looks forward to using her account management skills and building her curiosity around the diverse areas of advertising. 

“BOLD has taught me that there is always room for growth and learning,” said Garcia. 

Alejandra Chahine 

Alejandra Chahine, a Spring 2022 graduate, will intern in New York for Porter Novelli, where she will work on public relations campaigns that produce a positive long-term impact. 

Alejandra has had numerous roles at BOLD: account executive, account supervisor, and director of public relations. The last has increased her commitment to public relations. Becoming aware of MAIP through BOLD gave her the impetus to apply. Carrying much gratitude as she enters the next stage of her career, Alejandra is most eager to engage with other established professionals that can further expand her interests. 

“I became aware of MAIP through BOLD,” said Chahine.  

Carri Medina  
Carri Medina, Director of Public Relations and Spring 2022 graduate, is interning in account management for The Marketing Arm’s office in Los Angeles. Prior to her time as director of public relations, she was a strategy associate for the Dadeland Mall account. Like the other recipients, she will gain hands-on experience, connect with a growing MAIP alumni network, and work on projects that can be showcased when the internship ends. 

Her time administering BOLD’s media and events committee provided an experience where she was able to work in a team setting and develop organizational skills. Planning BOLD’s 5th annual ComCon conference provided Carri the opportunity to become familiar with the entertainment value behind every great event production. Enduring this inside a hard-working environment inspired her to later specialize in celebrity & influencer relations. She is most excited to dive into the world of communications and appreciate the connectivity of her growing network. 

“BOLD has made me feel more confident in my writing skills as well as my personal character development,” said Medina. 

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