SCJ Students Learn the Power of Storytelling Through Local Holocaust Survivors


On February 8th 2019, SCJ students were able to experience a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity at the Voices From The Holocaust: Storytelling For Social Change event organized by FIU professor, Dr. Raquel Perez at the Miami Beach Botanical Gardens, around the corner from The Holocaust Memorial Miami Beach. At the event, students were exposed to the stirring and impactful survival stories of three Holocaust survivors as well as their reasons for sharing their stories and their desire for future generations to learn from what they went through and ensure history never repeats itself.

Dr. Raquel Perez (center-left) and local Holocaust survivors Laszlo Selly, Magda Bader, and Allan J. Hall.

Voices From The Holocaust: Storytelling For Social Change was organized by Dr. Perez and her team of interns in collaboration with The Holocaust Memorial Miami Beach, a committee of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation, and Miami Beach Botanical Gardens to showcase the intersection between the power of storytelling and its ability to impact society.

“Storytelling and narratives are not just for sharing historical information,” said Dr. Perez. “Externally, PR and marketing teams take a look at what stories they want to tell to define their brand and create their image. Internally, narratives establish the cultural norms of our organizations “Storytelling also improves our skills when we’re trying to resolve a major conflict. It makes us more socially aware and better leaders.”

Written by: Daniella Sanchez

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